For Consumers

Why Hire a Member?

“You need to hire a professional in order to achieve professional results.”

The South Central Wisconsin Builders Association (SCWBA) is a professional organization made up of builders, craftspeople, subcontractors and suppliers aimed at improving the quality of life in South Central Wisconsin’s housing and building related industry through its strong membership. SCWBA is proud to have a membership roster that consists of more than 150 member businesses – more than 20 of which are builders. All builder members must be in business for at least a year before they may apply for membership.  Our association proudly serves both Rock and Green Counties.

Whether you are building the new home of your dreams, improving your current home or completing any home-related project, SCWBA has a member that will be a perfect fit for the job!  

Membership in SCWBA is strictly voluntary and it requires the commitment of annual dues. The businesses who choose to join SCWBA have sought out the services our Association provides in order to help them maintain high standards in all aspects of their businesses.

As a consumer, you can feel confident when you hire a SCWBA member because our members not only have timely access to industry information, research and technical expertise from SCWBA, but also from the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Members belong to all three organizations, and this strong network provides education and training opportunities often unavailable to non-members.  Our members must regularly attend continuing education in order to maintain credential requirements.  We also expect that our members maintain high ethical and professional standards, strictly adhere to our Code of Ethics, be courteous and professional at all times, comply to all city, state and federal codes and regulations, and they must be licensed, bonded (if applicable) and insured.  

Our Membership is regularly monitored by the SCWBA officers and committee members in order to ensure compliance for all of the above. If you ever have an issue with one of our members, we encourage you to let us know in writing and we will work closely with you as well as the member in order to satisfactorily rectify all issues.

SCWBA has a stellar reputation because of the high standards we require of our membership. We are proud of all our members, and it is our goal to have you think of our Association first when looking to hire a related business!

Remember to Shop Local and Support Local in South Central Wisconsin!

TIP! Did you know that as a homeowner, if you do electrical work such as wiring, etc.. there is a City of Janesville mini course and test you are required to take before performing any work? You are also required to pull proper permits, and have the appropriate inspections!