Student Career Day

Our Members Visit the Schools!SCWBA Members Speak at Student Career Day

Each year, local schools host a career day on behalf of the students. The idea is to have local businesses, organizations, and alike volunteer to exhibit and participate in this event so the students can explore a particular field of interest they may be considering as a work study program, or after graduation.

In some cases, these businesses or organizations may be asked, or offer to speak to an individual classroom for an hour, explaining about their industry, and answering any questions from the class.

We believe it brings the students a first hand, professional impression and response which may assist in shaping their futures. From the favorable feedback, and personal thank you letters we have received from the students, it is our opinion that we have made a difference to these aspiring future employees, entrepreneurs, or tradesman. We further feel it’s an opportunity and benefit to gain such strong candidates for our building industry and related fields. The Student Build Program is a perfect example of this success!

Pictured are:
Jim (JW) Wersel – Marling Homeworks (On the Right)
Todd Bogner – Bogner Cosnstruction (Center Back)