Marvin W. Roth Community Pavilion

The Dream is Reality

SCWBA Members worked in cooperation with Forward Janesville and the City of Janesville to construct the Marvin W. Roth Community Pavilion.
The Pavilion is located in Lower Courthouse Park on South Main Street, in downtown Janesville.  Below are original renderings of the structure created in 2007.








Read more in this Janesville Gazette article dated April 21, 2014 and here

Donators of this Project include:

  • Marvin W. Roth Family
  • The Parkland Acquisition & Development Fund
  • Janesville Foundation
  • William J. Ryan Family
  • Angus Young Architects
  • Paulson Kimball Construction
  • Lycon, Inc.
  • Westphal & Company, Inc
  • JP Cullen
  • Webco Inc.
  • Data Dimensions
  • T Fanning Concrete
  • Fanning Excavating
  • Associated Bank
  • Blackhawk Community Credit Union
  • BMO Harris Bank
  • Johnson Bank
  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Absolute Improvements
  • Bella Construction
  • Cabinet Country
  • Capital City Sheet Metal
  • Comb & Associates
  • Custom Iron Works
  • Distinctive Craftsman
  • ER Painting
  • Hatch Building Supply
  • Hallman Lindsay Paints
  • Janesville Brick & Tile
  • Midwest Construction Materials
  • Naatz Construction
  • Northrup Awning
  • PAB Concrete Cutting
  • Quality Erectors & Sheeters
  • Rotary Botanical Gardens
  • School District of Janesville
  • Sockness Builders
  • Sullivan Signs
  • Weisensel Carpentry
  • Wellnitz & Sarow Builders


The project was completed in late October 2014, made possible by many members of SCWBA and the local business community.
SCWBA members are proud to have been given the opportunity to participate in this gift to our community.

Pictures of the project from start to finish can be viewed in the photo gallery below.

Marvin W Roth Memorial Pavilion

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[img src=]1370August 12, 2014
[img src=]480August 12, 2014
[img src=]460August 12, 2014
[img src=]550August 12, 2014
[img src=]530August 1, 2014
[img src=]480August 1, 2014
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